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The insurance company software programs determine the value of the settlement and if the ''Drivers' are not included in your representation, you lose the value.

The accumulation of the specific data we discussed above, when presented to the insurance company in the correct terminology & format, translates into SEVERITY POINTS in the insurance industry software interpretation, which then translates into dollars based on each insurer’s rate or formula. What are you doing to be sure that your medical records are being recorded properly?

Our office prides itself on providing an exceptional service both to and for the injured patient. We are a facility that is knowledgeable in today’s environment of auto accident injury diagnoses, treatment, documentation
and representation. We use up to date knowledge which we gain through the various consumer advocate program by voluntarily taking post graduate training in this environment, following up with webinars and/or live seminars. You deserve the right to be evaluated and represented to the fullest. If you don’t know your rights, you lose them.

We use this knowledge to provide a complete care system for you, not only to help with pain relief and return you to pre-injury
status, but to document your injuries to assist you to obtain a fair and just settlement value.Type your paragraph here.

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Our doctors help you heal and avoid long-lasting injuries following a car or truck accident in Nashville.

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Understanding how insurance companies value soft tissue injuries can help when selecting auto accident representation.

Your medical records are the insurance company’s primary source of data which they use to determine your settlement value. One of the single most important considerations that determine your settlement value comes from “Value Drivers” insurance companies use to determine settlement values. These drivers must be known by the doctor and represented in your medical notes & records, which should be taken on each visit from your doctor which is them submitted to the insurance companies. There are some 20 value drivers and areas of medical notes regards your injuries & symptoms that should be recorded on each visit. A lot of your settlement value weighs upon your doctors knowledge of and ability to document these areas of findings on each visit. When a health care provider misses these vital areas of daily documentation, takes inadequate or poor notes, fails to give an adequate impairment rating, doesn’t record Duties Under Duress or Loss Of Enjoyment, or fails to use correct terminology & format, your full settlement value may not be given to your claim.

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